#1 Public Health and Safety

Nothing is more important than protecting our residents and visitors. Especially right now as we all fight back against the COVID-19 virus. 

As a City Councilman, I will fight hard to ensure our Police Department and first responders continue to have the personal protection equipment they need to protect themselves. I will also ensure all of our city employees also continue to be provided with PPEs and that all city buildings are cleaned and sanitized daily.

I will fight hard to ensure our grocery stores and markets continue to be well stocked, and everyone in our City has fair access to food. We also need to make sure our Senior Citizens receive what they need.

I will work hard to support and assist our City Manager to apply for and receive all available emergency funding and assistance from Federal, State, and County government entities.

#2  Financial Security

Sales Tax and Property Tax account for the two largest sources of our City's revenue. Based on the latest projections provided by our City Manager and Finance Director, our current revenue does not cover our current expenses. They also warned we are facing layoffs of city employees next year. 

I believe we cannot continue to blame the State of California for our financial situation. I believe we need to take immediate steps to become a self-supporting city again.

I believe we can build our way to financial security. Affordable housing is still in very short supply. If we attracted more private developers and agencies such as American Family Homes to build more housing and require a percentage of the workers to be residents of Westminster, we could get more people back to work.

As City Councilperson for District 2, I will fight hard to prevent the sale of City Hall to the developer, Steve Sheldon. There is absolutely no reason for the City to sell its largest asset.

#3  Restore Trust

We need to restore ethics, trusts, and transparency on our City Council. Elected officials are civil servants who work for the people. The City Council Meetings should be conducted professionally and ethically. I will be part of a TEAM who work hard for the good of Westminster as a whole.

I will also lead by example. You can be assured everything I do will be open and transparent.

#4  Blight

Westminster has been allowed to become blighted and fall behind the times. The City of Westminster should proactively work with local businesses and commercial property owners to develop and implement specific codes for the visual appearance and upkeep of all commercial buildings. This would create a win-win situation for both the businesses and the City.

Westminster is not proactively working with commercial real estate agents and developers to bring upscale businesses to our City. This needs to change.

#5 Financial Audit

I believe a detailed audit of our City finances needs to be performed and made public in an easy to understand format.

Every citizen has the right to understand our City finances and to be able to track income and expenditures. Everyone should be able to access an easy to understand monthly report via the city website that shows line-by-line the revenue and spending per month, and year-to-date. Each line item should directly tie to the budget.


I would love to hear from you! If you have any comments or additional ideas please contact me!