I can't tell you what an honor it is to meet and talk with people across Westminster. This is my own Listening Tour, a series of interactive conversations to gather information, insights, concerns, and new ideas directly from citizens.

This enables me to best understand and represent all citizens in Westminster.

I have received many kind words and encouragement; these are the best endorsements of all!

"Carlos is a very level-headed and honest person, I am endorsing him for Westminster City Council."

 -Richard Jolly, 45-year resident of Westminster.

"I endorse Carlos Manzo for Westminster City Council. He cares about people and loves this City."

 -Amy Peterson-Walsh, Westminster School Board (ret.)

"Carlos is the clear choice for City Council. His service on the planning commission makes him the only candidate  experienced in city government, and who when elected will be able to hit the ground running."

 -Jodi L Boyd, 11-Year Resident of Westminster

"I endorse Carlos Manzo for Westminster City Council."

 -Diana Carey, Westminster City Council (ret.)

"Carlos Manzo is the only candidate among these six with City Planning experience. Carlos knows the issues, offers thoughtful solutions, and certainly has been putting in the work to fix this City. I highly endorse Carlos to replace Kimberly Ho on the City Council."

 -David Johnson, Westminster Resident and Recall Advocate

"Carlos has been actively working to improve the community. As a long time resident he understands what Westminster was, is, and can be. Carlos has the ethics and leadership skills to bring civility back to City Council. Carlos has my vote."

 -Jessica Lostaunau, Westminster Resident

"I'm endorsing Carlos Manzo for several reasons. I've known Carlos for over 30-years. He is a hard working family man, good citizen, and has always been an active member of our community. Through his role as Planning Commissioner and involvement with the City he sees what has and hasn't worked in our City, and knows what can work again.

I believe Carlos has the unique ability to both lead and listen, and will bring the diversity of our City back together."

 -Lori Eilers-Day

"I support and endorse Carlos Manzo. He is a friend and I have known him since the mid-1980s. Carlos is a man of his word, approachable, fair and open minded. He is very knowledgeable and will be a great City Councilman."

 -Dimitri Constas

"Carlos is not a politician. He is a resident of Westminster and loves his city. He really lives in his home in Westminster. He doesn't have another home in Westminster or any other city. He has a real job. He gets up early and works until late.

I was on the Planning Commission with Carlos for four years and every decision he made was to make Westminster better. He is honest, ethical, intelligent, objective, fair, open to new ideas, and encourages public input."

My wife, Ginger, and I have been residents of Westminster for 46 years and we've seen a lot of council members come and go. We believe Westminster is at a critical point that needs the integrity, leadership, and ideas that Carlos will bring to the City Council to save our city from its current downward spiral.

My wife and I are voting for Carlos because, like Carlos, we love our city and want to see it reach its full and beautiful potential.

 -Don Anderson